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Janaki has been practicing yoga in the Satyananda yoga tradition since 2002 in Norway. She spent 8 months in the Satyananda yoga ashram in India, living and learning yoga. She has done many seminars with various teachers in the tradition and visited various centers and ashrams around the world. In 2014 she completed a year of teacher training with the Satyananda yoga academy Europe and has been teaching for the last 5 years.  


My first meeting with yoga was in 2002 in my home-town in Norway. It was at a point in my life when I felt somehow out of place and my life lacked a certain sense of direction. I started to attend a weekly yoga class at my local yoga centre and found quickly that it gave me some sense of joy and connection. As I had no further plans with my life at that time, my yoga teacher suggested to me (and subtly and gently nudged me) to attend the four month Yogic Certificate Course in the Bihar School of Yoga in India.
This changed my life and from then on yoga has played a large part in my life. Especially, for me, in helping me to feel at home in myself and finding my purpose in this world. 

I love to teach, to give the knowledge of yoga, to inspire personal empowerment and a deeper connection to self, both in body, in mind and in spirit.

I practice and deeply appreciate all aspects of yoga and I am so grateful to the Bihar school of yoga, Satyananda yoga tradition, for making all knowledge available in a way that makes profound sense to me. 

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