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Meditace u moře

Meditation course with Janaki


Kurz: Meditation course (for beginners and intermediate) 
Termín: 9. 1. - 26. 3. 2024 (11 lekcí)
Čas: úterý 17:30 - 18:30
Místo: Jógamatka, Gorkého 44
Lektor: Janaki
Cena: 2 310 Kč

Kurz je veden v angličtině. Možnost zaplatit si první lekci (210,-) a pak se rozhodnout, jestli budete pokračovat.

Náhrady za absence na jiných lekcích přes Sportimea.

Přihlášky na kurzy přes rezervační systém zde.

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Course in English. To sign up please use our reservation system and click here. 


You have possibility to pay for the first class (210,-) and then decide to continue.

If you miss the class, you can substitue in any other class from schedule.

Welcome to join this course in meditation for beginners and intermediates.

Practicing meditation has endless benefits and is a golden practice for all of us who want to care for our inner selves and souls.

A deeper connection to and feeling of who we are is just one effect of practicing, as well as mental stability and clarity, and many more.

In these guided practices together we will explore the fundamentals of meditation practice, and also what kind of various practices and possibilities we have as practitioners, as there is no "one fits all" - even in meditation.

This course is suitable both for you who have some experience and wants to continue developing, and you who are a complete beginner. No previous experience is needed.

In meditation we are all beginners for quite a long time, so there is no need to worry if you feel you cant sit still and so on. We will increase our capacity slowly.

The course will be interactive with space for sharing and questions, feedbacks in the end of each lesson.

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