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Kurz: Yoga and Trauma volná místa
Termín: 24. 5. - 21. 6. 2022 (5 lekcí)
Čas: úterý 17:30 - 18:30
Místo: Jógamatka, Gorkého 44
Lektor: Janaki
Cena: 1 000 

Cena kurzu o 5ti setkáních je  1 000 Kč. Možnost zaplatit si první lekci (200,-) a pak se rozhodnout, jestli budete pokračovat. Náhrady za absence na jiných lekcích přes Sportimea.

​Dotazy na Přihlášky na kurzy přes rezervační systém zde.

Price for the course (5 lessons) is 1 000 CZK. Feel free to try the first class (200 CZK) and then decide whether to continue or not.

In this 5-week trauma-informed mini-course we will explore the role of yoga in healing trauma.

Trauma sits in the body. Trauma is energy stuck in the system, creating internal dysregulation and chaos. It makes sense therefore, to include the body in the work on healing and resolving trauma.

Yoga is a body of practices designed to balance our internal environment. When practiced with awareness and attention, yoga can also help us reconnect with our selves on all levels - an antidote to trauma states, where we often split parts of our selves off, dissociate from and leave our bodies.

Through these 5 weeks, we will explore what trauma is and how we can work on healing it through the tool of yoga.

Having gone through my own journey of trauma and healing, I have found yoga to be in indispensable practice for me. And learning what happens in my body has been extremely orienting and made me understand how to approach and relate to my responses.

If you are curious, or going through your own journey, I will be very happy to have you with us.
No previous experience needed.

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